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Face it: You Have to Invest (in Your Appearance)

2008-10-30 00:00:00

The old adage that one never gets a second chance to make a good first impression has never been truer than today, in this iconic, high-definition society. Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass, M.D., F.A.C.S. explains why real medical and surgical correction is no longer just the stuff of Hollywood stars, the privileged elite and presidential candidates.

N. Dallas/Plano, Texas (PRWEB) October 30, 2008,Unless portraying a wizened gunslinger in a gritty western, those facial creases, lines and pores could very well hold one back, in ways not even realized. Perhaps the boss has the impression that a salesperson is not conveying enough vim and vitality, so he sends him on a bogus errand to keep him from attending a key sales meeting with an important client. Spouse A complains that Spouse B appears angry and depressed all of the time, and begins eyeing greener pastures, which could lead Spouse B to become-well, angry and depressed.

The old adage that, "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression" has never been truer than today, in our iconic, hi-def world. Though most will never do the 'princess wave' wearing a tiara they will, nevertheless, compete directly or indirectly-for career opportunities, social status, and mating privileges, in a very youth-oriented, image driven society. Fortunately for many, an era has begun where medical and surgical correction is no longer just the stuff of Hollywood stars, the privileged elite and presidential candidates.

According to Jeffrey Adelglass, M.D., F.A.C.S., Medical Director and Chief of Surgery of Skintastic Medical and Surgical Rejuvenation Center of Plano, Texas, "We live in an amazing time. Until several short years ago, all the beauty world really had to offer was makeup to cover-up the truth, cold-cream, soaps and astringents to remove the makeup prior to re-application, and an abundance of 'snake-oil' cellulite 'cures'. Decade after decade, women faithfully lined up at the corner drug store to slather on the latest miracle creams and dreams of beauty, only to find each promise of renewed youth to be as empty as the one before it. Recently, however, the mountain of science technology has begun erupting with medical breakthrough discoveries, some of which have found their way to medical rejuvenation applications. The rest, my dear, is history."

Dr. Adelglass' passion has been searching out and incorporating the most dynamic and effective medical technologies and pharmaceutical products for his medical spa, SKINTASTIC. He continues, "At Skintastic, we offer a number of minimally and non-invasive, little and even no-downtime treatments that really can take 10 to 20 years off of a patient's appearance many treatments take an hour or less. For some patients, it's like taking on an entirely new identity. I am thrilled to a part of that transformation; I truly love what I do".

In recent weeks, the economy has fluctuated. A lot of people are wondering where to invest, and ways to protect their financial investments. Dr. Adelglass says, "Don't forget to invest in your personal appearance, because your appearance can strongly influence your earning potential and help to open doors to other opportunities. Whether you are a man or a woman, maintaining an attractive, youthful appearance may help you to stay in your career longer, and may help you to be more successful in it."

Experience counts. Dr. Adelglass was the first Texas physician to recently achieve simultaneous Diamond pinnacle-level status as a Botox® injector and Triple-Platinum status with Medicis, the makers of Restylane and Perlane injectable H.A. fillers. Dr. Adelglass is a member of the Star Program, a select group of cosmetic physicians specially trained to work with new Evolence® collagen filler, and is a Radiesse® medical education panel member.

He serves on the scientific advisory boards of most, if not all U.S. dermal filler companies, and on the National Education Foundation for Allergan, instructing other cosmetic physicians to safely administer Botox using his well-honed injection techniques. Dr. Adelglass is also an official training instructor for SmartLipo laser body sculpting, the DOT Fractional skin resurfacing laser, ArteFilnon- resorbable, and Juvederm fillers. With his level of experience, it's no wonder that many of the representatives of these companies, with all their available options, select Dr. Adelglass as their own cosmetic physician of choice.

SKINTASTIC 'INVEST IN YOURSELF' FILLER REBATE OFFER: Receive a $50.00 rebate with the purchase of 1 syringe, or $100.00 with the purchase of 2 syringes of Restylane® or Perlane® dermal filler, or a $75 rebate with the purchase of 2 syringes of Juvederm. Offer ends 10/31/2008; call SKINTASTIC™ for complete offer details.

SKINTASTIC Medical and Surgical Rejuvenation Center is located at 6020 W. Parker Road, Suite 400 in the Presbyterian Plano Center for Diagnostics and Surgery, in Plano, Texas. Any questions or comments should be directed to Pamela Fox, Director of Communications, at 972-620-3223.

Web site: http://www.skintastic.com.

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